Here is the answer key for the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET ) held on Sunday, 9th December JMET results are used for entrance to . JMET Question Papers, Model Papers, Previous Year Papers free download from JMET Solved question paper JMET sample question paper. JMET () – Q uestion Paper. SECTIO N 1: VERBAL CO MMU N ICATIO N (Q uestions ). Directions: In Q uestions 1 and 2, fill in the blanks w .

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Choose the most appropriate answer for the next three questions. JMET paper had questions in total and was of 2 hours in duration. Again the story becomes more complex when these questions are asked about speakers who have two or more languages. If the percentage growth rate between the financial years and was maintained, the total revenue for the year would approximately be A Rs.

In which year was the Net Profit at its highest as a percentage of total revenue?

Information on the right half of the ORS should be written in ink wherever indicated. You should bring the following to the Test Centre: Calculators, electronic diaries, papsr phones and similar electronic gadgets will not be allowed in the examination hall.

If the order of the teams or the order of the students within the teams does not matter, the number of ways in which three teams can be formed is A 35 B 7 C 20 D 25 Q. Which of the following best sums up the above passage? B Entrepreneurs are the main actors in economic growth. The old woman next door is a garrulous person A Senile. There is also a one-way road between locations D and B; the jmef possible way of travel is from D to B. The invigilator will collect the ORS. D Rank can expect at least 1 call out of the 7 institutes listed below.


Investigating this issue includes two sets paler related questions that can nonetheless be examined separately. Why do contexts change the way we interpret language?

A Rank and better can expect call from all the IITs B Rank can expect 5 calls out of 7 institutes listed below. We wish to inform you 1. What is the minimum number of locations one would have to touch to reach E from F? The section was of moderate level of difficulty. Use extreme caution in filling the appropriate bubbles.

JMET 9th Dec Are semantic features of words stored as entries in a lexicon or as part of our knowledge of concepts? Development processes are always more difficult to observe and psper understand. B cannot be in the same project as G. Three teams are to be made in such a way that each student has to be a member of one and only one team.

No student can take part in more than one project. There were 5 passages in total and there were 2 to 4 question on each passage. Data Interpretation section had 30 question in it and the remmaining sections had 40 questions each. In these questions, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D.


Two caselets were based on tabular form of data one was based on data of production cost and sales value and the other one was based on production and consumption of a commodity. However, team sizes need not be the same. Answer the following questions based on your reading of the given passage. Data Interpretati on Questions 18 are based on the above graph, which depicts papdr performance parameters of LMN Ltd, for ten years.


The test begins with the distribution of the Test Booklets.

A,B,C, D, Q. No distinctive mark of any sort is to be put anywhere on the ORS.

C An owner of a large business may be an entrepreneur. B Rank can expect 4 calls out of the 7 institutes listed below. Third caselet was based on Venn Diagram on advertising cost and the number of readers of a certain newspaper. Fill in the blanks in this extract with the most appropriate words. The mechanisms by which this happens and the stages through which it progresses are the subject of much research in developmental psycholinguistics.

There must be atleast one engineering graduate in each project. D Entrepreneurs do not own or operate small business.

You should be in your assigned seat at the Test Centre latest by The most economical height and width of each page will be respectively A 16 cms. Open the seal of the Test Booklet only after having been instructed to do so by the invigilator.

JMET : Analysis and Expected Cut Off

At the center of studies of the mind is the problem of representation. The following sentences, when properly sequenced, form, a coherent paragraph. C Rank can expect 2 calls out of the 7 institutes listed below. Most of the questions were in sets with very few individual questions.