Bless me Father, for I will sin. In her first contemporary suspense thriller, Garwood , better known for best-selling romantic fiction (Ransom; the Clayborne Brides. Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood – #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood proves she is a master storyteller in this classic romantic suspense novel. When I heard that Julie Garwood was writing a contemporary romantic When I finished Heartbreaker, I closed the book, placed it on the table.

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They walked to church. Preview — Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood.

Heartbreaker | Book by Julie Garwood | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

To protect his sister Laurant, he drags in his best friend and top-notch FBI agent Nick Buchanan to act as her bodyguard while local police and the FBI work on luring out the killer before he strikes again. If Laurant has a man in her life, the killer might become enraged and make a mistake. Is that it, Father? The scent, combined with the smell of mildew and sweat, made Tom feel as though he were trying to breathe through a plastic bag.

Heartbreaker — All About Romance

It’s a hardcover and it’s in pretty bad condition ex-library bookbut if anyone’s interested in reading it I would be happy to pay postage to wherever you are. This was a group buddy read. Don’t heartbreakerr the same mistake. I suspect this was because I listened to the audio version while commuting to work. I was expecting so much more from ms Garwood.


He firmly believed that idle hands were the devil’s workshop, especially when the rectory was in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. Add to Cart Add to Cart. The temperature outside hovered between ninety-four and ninety-five in the shade ueartbreaker the rectory porch where the thermostat was nailed to the whitewashed stone wall.


He had assumed he’d sit face-to-face with his penitent in a room with a couple of windows open for fresh air. Sep 20, Aisel Dzhurova rated it it was amazing.

The thriller part was very interesting and smartly written, the pieces of the puzzle all fit in the end, I had my suspicion from the beginning, but I was never sure until the end. Now, as an electrifying attraction grows between Laurant and Nick, so does the danger — and one false move will cost both of them everything heargbreaker matters.

A little of the stuff went a long way, and the penitent had gone overboard. You have to tell the truth.

Are his instincts out of whack? The romance fell short, it wasn’t the kind that you feel and cheer up for them, not like her other books, garwoos again I think that comparing the two genres has heartvreaker my judgment. So, who should Father Thomas call to protect his beloved Laurant? The parish was located in the forgotten sector of Kansas City, several hundred miles south of Holy Oaks, Iowa, where Tom was stationed.

Now, as an electrifying attraction grows between Laurant and Nick, so does the danger — and one false move will cost both of them everything that matters. But so perfect for the part.

And there was a nice mention about his sister helping out at the abbey. Tom was overwhelmed and sickened by the horror of julei all. I had enough information to realize he was a sick puppy, and that was good for me.


I loved the suspense aspect of the book, both main characters were likable and complemented each other well, and the side characters were fantastic too loved Noah!

I angered the priest. Why do I need to have a whole chapter for a secondary character talking about her dog dying? Tommy and Noah were really interesting characters as well, I want to read more about them, especially Noah.

The intended victim, Laurant Madden, is his best friend’s sister. This book is something quite different from previous history romances and i loved it. There were other infatuations, and when they disappointed me, I had to hurt them, but I didn’t kill any hearbreaker them.

Laurant, a strong female heartbreakre. If I had read this book first I would have been hesitant about reading the next in the series, thankfully that’s not the way it happened.

Desert Isle Keeper

Exactly how could this other priest have stopped you? This wasn’t a prankster. With a combination of Julie Garwood’s singular romance writing and intense suspense, Heartbreaker is a very good book.

The 2 main problems I had with this book was Problem 1. Considering this is Garwood’s first foray into the contemporary romantic suspense that is excellent.

In the still shadows of the confessional, the penitent kneels and makes a bone-chilling disclosure: