Gerrard Winstanley, a farmer from Cobham, published four pamphlets in These were highly critical of religious leaders who “hold forth God and Christ to. Gerrard Winstanley Archive. “In the beginning of Time, the great Creator Reason, made the Earth to be a Common Treasury, but not one word was. Gerrard Winstanley (). The True Levellers Standard Advanced: Or, The State of Community Opened, and Presented to the Sons of Men. Source.

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Winstanley equated the Resurrection and the Second Coming. Out of this he developed explanations of gerrsrd types. From the beginning it was not so.

Gerrard Winstanley

Gerrarrd do not thou hinder the Mother Earth, from giving all her Children such, by thy Inclosing it into particular hands, and holding up that cursed Bondage of Inclosure by thy Power. Winstanley died inaged 66, vexed by legal disputes concerning a small legacy owed to him in a will. Not Inclosing any part into any particular hand, but all as one man, working together, and feeding together as Sons of one Father, members of one Family; not one Lording over another, but all looking upon each other, as equals in the Creation; so that our Maker may be glorified in windtanley work of his own hands, and that every one may see, he is no respecter of Persons, qinstanley equally gerrarrd his whole Creation, and hates nothing but the Serpent, which is Covetousness, branching forth into selvish Imagination, Pride, Envie, Hypocrisie, Uncleanness; all seeking the ease and honor of flesh, and fighting against the Spirit Reason that made the Creation; for that is the Corruption, the Curse, the Devil, the Father of Lies; Death and Bondage that Serpent and Dragon that the Creation is to be delivered from.

Whereas Lilburne sought to level the laws and maintain the right to the ownership of real property, Winstanley sought to level winsfanley ownership of real property itself, which is why Winstanley’s followers called themselves “True Levellers”. Please try again later. Winstanley, “Truth Lifting up its Head,” ; Retrieved on 28 December As riches, honours, pleasures.

Three days later Fairfax received a letter from the officer charged with dispersing the group. They engaged Hill in a scholarly debate with their critique of Hill’s Winstanley: In a postscript to this defense, Winstanley recorded that imposters were going ggerrard the country soliciting funds for the Diggers by showing a letter purportedly bearing his signature.

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Winstanley took as his basic texts the Biblical sacred historywith its affirmation that all men were descended from a common stock, and with its scepticism about the rulership of kings, voiced in the Books of Gerraed ; and the New Testament ‘s affirmations that God was no respecter of persons, that there were no masters or slaves under the New Covenant. His theme was rooted in ancient English radical thought.

Gerrard Winstanley

The officer reported his meeting with a “Mr. Therefore once more, Let Israel go Free, that the poor may wjnstanley the Waste land, and such the Brests of their mother Earth, that they starve not: He wanted his readers to know the God behind their pastors’ words, a powerful God pervading everything and sustaining everyone, not just a privileged few.

Hill, World Turned Upside-Down, See our updated Privacy Policy to find out more about cookies and how we use your data. The Digger Movement in the English Revolution By the end of the week between 20 and 30 people were reportedly labouring the entire day at digging. And every one that comes to work, shall eate the Fruit of their own labours, one having as much Freedom in the Fruit of the Earth as another. Hill uses the term dialectical according to the Oxford English Gerrarf definition: Local landowners took fright from the Diggers’ activities and in sent winstanly armed men to beat gerrad Diggers and destroy their colony.

He blamed the churches for helping to maintain private land ownership. These Diggers held that the English Civil Wars had been fought against the king and the great landowners; now….

And that this Civil Propriety is the Curse, is manifest thus, Those that Buy and Sell Land, and are landlords, have got it either by Oppression, or Murther, or Theft; and all landlords lives in the breach of the Seventh and Eighth Commandements, Thous shalt not steal, nor kill. See also Hill, “Religion of Gerrard Winstanley,” 8. Back to 3 The Works of Gerrard Winstanley. The Digging was not merely symbolic; it was a political act, “part of the rising of Christ in sons and daughters which would establish a just commonwealth on earth.


By Winstanley was possibly assisting Edward Burroughan early leader of the Quakers, later called the Society of Friends. It demonstrated God’s power and, it was hoped, would hasten the internal change in men’s hearts. They included the Royalists who supported King Charles I ; the Parliamentary forces led by Sir Thomas Fairfax who would later emerge under the name of the New Model Army ; the Fifth Monarchy Menwho believed in the establishment of a heavenly theocracy on earth to be led by a returning Jesus as king of kings and lord of lords; winstznley Agitators for political egalitarian reform of government, who were branded ” Levellers ” by their foes and who were led by John Lilburne ; and the True Levellers, who were branded “Diggers” because of their actions.

O thou A-dam, thu Esau, thou Cain, thou Hypocritical man of flesh, when wilt thou cease to kill thy younger Brother? And to what end have they been thus Chosen? In his last pamphlet, The Law wibstanley Freedom in a PlatformWinstanley continued to employ religious imagery, such as equating covetousness with Cain who killed his younger brother Abel.

The voluntary sector must be preserved as a space for innovation — Safe Ground — Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at winetanley in the community says: Winstanley also wrote that Reason was not the only name for the “spirituall power”; according to him, “every one may give him a name according to that spirituall Power that they feel and see rules in them.

Gerrard Winstanley & The Diggers

Even if the historian accepted the possiblity of divine visions or voices as a matter of faith, in any particular case, it would still be difficult to prove.

Affinity group Synthesis anarchism Platformism. The digging was the outward symbol of the inward change.