. SYMCLI SRM( Mapping) Commands symhostfs- Display information about a. EMC – SYMCLI By P.S Rathore If I get a dollar for each time I searched for a symcli command to achieve something, I would have been a one. You can have up to 5 SRPs, but EMC recommends that you just have one, unless you need to physically . Older VMAX and Symmetrix SYMCLI commands.

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And also, we cannot remove a pool from a tier if the tier is in an associated policy,and a device in the storage group is bound to the pool. Note I can just create GB devices, no meta is created. Query the device group. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You have to ‘Terminate’ while the pair in ‘Copied’ state to get a fully valid data. Find the number of devices in storage group MySg and also shows the associated Ec View.

The snapshot for these devices will be terminated within 5 days from the day of setting if none of these devices linked to any target devices.

Delete the login entries for a host on FA port symmask -sid -wwn delete -dir 8a -p 0 -login.


EMC SYMCLI Commands | EMC Storage Area Network

Replication field Field Description RPO polling interval seconds Interval, in cpmmands, at which the data source should poll the device. Reclaim the allocated but unused space as well as the pool space completely written with zeros.

We can’t delete IG if it is part of a Masking View. C0 Display the gaps available space on given disk symdisk -sid show 5A: It refreshes the array configuration and VCMDB symmask -sid refresh Check whether devices are masked to any host symmaskdb -sid -dev 7D5,03A4: Resume the suspend the replication from R1 to R2 devices.

Service name as specified in netcnfg. Unpin the device AAA on Vmax Additionally you can see consumption on an individual device level on the application storage group.

For this data source, an example would be: AAB to pool MyPool;” commit. Lists all the fatal events in symmetrix array on 26th may When you use “DOS”-like commands inside the console or a PS scriptyou can save their results easily to a variable, like this:.

This will not remove the mapping from the ports associated with Masking view part of OldSG. Displays configuration and status of disks and their hypers within Symmetrix arrays.

Once enableda data device in a thin poolcan be use to allocate extents to its bounded thin devices. The “-force” must be used if the storage group SG is not empty.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: List the devices masked to the given wwn number. This command also shows the time frame from when the audit log started and at which time the last entry added. To find out more about your snaps you can run the following cmd: This is equal to “show” each device groups in the smycli.

Symcli Commands

Establish the SRDF relation between the devices given in the file rdf. This provides a brief summary of all diskgroups in array along with speedsize and type of disks.

List all the devices in vmax with the Optimized Read Miss mode off. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

You can populate excel in two ways. Delete device group mydg. Adding,modifying or removing a dynamic RDF group.