Double Eagle was written by Dan Abnett, and is a spin off from his popular Gaunts Ghosts series. It was first published as a hardback in , and released as a. Double Eagle Type Novel Series Gaunt’s Ghosts Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released July Pages ISBN Double Eagle by Dan Abnett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Eagpe saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Double Eagle by Dan Abnett. In the blood soaked Sabbat worlds crusade, Warmaster Macaroth’s Imperial Crusade Force is attempting to halt a massive counter attack led by the Chaos legions dann the dread-lord Anakwanar Sek.

Paperbackpages. Published August 9th by Black Library Publishing first published Sabbat Worlds 1Warhammer 40, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Double Eagleplease sign up.

Lists with This Book. Jan 09, Burt rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve been a fan of Games Workshop’s Warhammer universes for at least twenty-five years, and for most of those years there was no Black Library, the publishing wing of Games Workshop. When Games Workshop first began looking around for a stable of authors to write their stories, they early came banett Dan Abnet, a fixture and award winner in the realm xbnett comics.

Dan has a degree from Oxford in English and he knows his way around a dictionary. But anett has eaagle start a sentence with “but”. Most Warhammer novels are of the “short character development and then lots of red mist from exploding bodies” sort. Not that Abnet doesn’t doule a good bit about “red mist”, but he also knows character development, setting, and plotting too. He even surpasses himself in these regards with Double Eagle, the first and to my knowledge the only Black Library title featuring the setting of Forge World’s Air Wing douvle, Aeronautica Imperialis.

Double Eagle reads less like a novel and more like an authentic World War II chronicle of an aerial campaign over Europe or in the Pacific. I have not been this immersed in a novel for a very long time.

Double Eagle is a rich book; I recommend it heartily. May 27, Thomas rated it it was amazing. This book is what an action story should be, and Dan Abnett is a master of rouble. I do not ordinarily start moving and shifting in my seat, but the dogfight scenes did just that. I would enjoy more of the Phantine XX in stories, but Abnett is not afraid to kill off characters, and some good ones actually lived!

This battle is a side battle mentioned in Gaunt’s Ghosts, and there are a few mentions of scenes one of the Ghost’s books. If you want some solid action, check it out. Mar 24, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Double Eagle follows a squadron of fighter pilots assigned to an aerial war. Feb 22, Michael J.

Fox rated it it was amazing.

Double Eagle

Dan Abnett has a gift for drawing parallels between Warhammer 40, and recent history, and ‘Double Eagle’ is no different. Abnett’s other gift comes to the fore, which is to tell the very human stories in his battles; and reading makes an almost traumatic experience as lives and stories unfold and abruptly end I shan’t tell you which!


As with any Abnett book I Dan Abnett has a gift for drawing parallels between Warhammer 40, and recent history, and ‘Double Eagle’ is no different. As with any Abnett book I would avoid getting attached to any of the characters. The world of Enothis, one of the many Abnett has brought to life in his Sabbat Crusade books, is richly described and reading gives you the feeling that you are there to the point where it is hard not have an emotional response to the events that unfold.

Some of the scenery is breathtaking and the despite the imminent war coming to this world you will find yourself wanting to have a sbnett of your favourite beverage in the wind and sea swept cafe on the bombed out pier that some of the story focuses on. Mar 28, Mohamed AbdEl-Azim rated it it was amazing. Grand air battles described to oduble merest turn and invert and to the simplest actions in a easy flowing scenes with very memorable characters to say the least, compelling story and a steady flow of interesting ” side stories ” of the pilots if you may call them that.

Sep 10, Daniel rated it it was amazing. Knowledge of flight, military lingo and mechanics aside, again the author knocks this one way outta the park. The story is solid and doesn’t let you go. I always find that the small, side characters he adds end up involved in ways that just make plain good sense and are a surprise when the story unfolds.

Always a pleasure to read Mr. Apr 04, Alex Jones rated it liked it. Starts off pretty slow and introduces A LOT of abneft, which was fairly confusing. I stuck with it though, and it paid off! Lots of fun air-combat, with enough other things going on to keep it dounle. Dec 13, doowopapocalypse rated it it was amazing. It’s a great read, and Abnett avoids the clunkiness that dougle comes when people try to add sci-fi details to dogfights or daan combat. Oct 31, Profundus Librum rated it it was amazing.

This was a really fantastic read – like something out of a WWII mass air combat war story, but with vector-thrust aircraft and the enemy are evil cultists instead of evil racists.

Great characterization of an ensemble cast, excellent portrayal of the cost war exacts even on the survivors. Jun ddouble, Peter rated it it was amazing. As a fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, this was a nice change up from the usual space battle flair. It follows a squadron of figher pilots and their struggles through the campaign they are assigned to.

Double Eagle (Warhammer) by Dan Abnett

Oct 06, Paulo “paper books always” Carvalho rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Double Eagle sees the focus put on the pilots of the Imperium, specifically a group of fighter- and bomber-pilots who were first seen in one of the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels. As per usual, Abnett has superior character development.

This book, as with all his others, is truly a page-turner. Something of an aside to the Ghosts storyline, this novel takes place on a planet suffering from a Chaos invasion in the Sabbat Campaign that Abnett has written so much about.


In fact, there are some references t Double Eagle sees the focus put on the pilots of the Imperium, specifically a group of fighter- and bomber-pilots who were first seen in one of the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels.

In fact, there are some references to the Ghosts storyline, but not so that the reader is left confused. As with Abnett’s other works, we see comparatively little of the enemy in terms of internal thoughts, only getting that before they interact with the heroes.

There is only one such villain, actually, an ace of aces who seems unstoppable. He makes several appearances, always defeating those he faces, or driving them to extreme measures to flee.

ddouble One of the primary characters is the flight commander of the Phantine XX fighter wing. She is a great character, mixing in-combat skill with concern for her wingmates. Others in the unit also provide great characters, the old nice guy, the new kid trying to prove himself.

The planes are also like characters, given their jinxes and idiosyncrasies. The unit really is a whole, from machine, to tech, to pilots.

Double Eagle by Dan Abnett

Another arc of the story deals with a bomber pilot who is in another unit. He was saved by one of the Ghosts in another novel, and feels he is on borrowed time, that he should be dead. He meets a woman who has lost pretty well everything, and they find in each other that which they were missing.

This is really my favorite part of the book. There is a great deal of air combat, which Abnett delivers with exquisite skill. I could feel all the losses and exult in the victories as though I were there. There are a number of close calls, tight squeezes, near-misses. All those things that make such situations interesting to read. This novel shows again that Abnett is the best of the WH40k authors, at least in my opinion. Despite the lack of a well-determined enemy, this book is a great read.

After all, the reader is supposed to feel for the Imperium, not those who hate all life. In that respect, the lack of depth in the enemy is perfect.

In other way, if you want to point a fault to the book, it’s that the chaos invaders are presented as a faceless, nameless horde with little character or individuality. Abnett wasted an excellent opportunity to create a small, elite cadre of enemy pilots who might have shed some much welcome light and understanding on the chaos psyche.

Instead, the reader is treated to only the briefest of glimpses of the one enemy ace who doub,e given a name. This character had a great deal of potential but sadly, that potential was never really realized. It’s a shame that Abnett did not see fit to create antagonists as nuanced as the other main characters in the book. I am doble reading Fell Cargo. In every story by him you see it all Dan Abnett is a good writer I am glad he likes fantasy and science fiction