DEMOLAY() [email protected] · Centennial Courtyard Click HERE to view the Leaders Resource Guide. © DeMolay International. Leader’s Resource Guide. Demolay International Kansas City, Missouri). ( DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide Fifteenth Edition October Printed inUSA o. Demolay Leader’s Resource Guide. 12 likes. Book.

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The purpose of these programs are to: Ifthe program is in the form of an initiation, a group of Senior DeMolays may be asked to exemplify either or both degrees with the approval of the Advisory Council. And, all shared in its fun. When a Senior DeMolaysends his regrets, read his letter to those in attendance if appropriate.

DeMolay truly will benefit you the rest of your life, but never more than right now Consult these sources for additional information.

In addition, staff members maintain information on DeMolay Chapter activities and keep the names, addresses and membership records on every DeMolay. Provide outings for underprivileged or mentally or physically handicapped children. Remember your fixed expenses!

And it can continue as far as you want demolat to go – all the way to becoming a Chapter officer yourself, or rfsource in leadership training opportunities, attending state conclaves or becoming active at the jurisdictional and national levels. Initiate, during his term, his pro-rata share of the Chapter’s new member goal.

By the first part of December each year, a successful DeMolayChapter should finalize the next year’s program. You have discovered the Order of DeMolay. In the event of an evening resoirce, use the Nine o’clock Interpolation.

He should be accurate, dependable, and above all, a self-starter. However, funds belonging to the ISC do not require Chapter authorization. Host Ilsrniar DeMolay and Alumni party.


Hold a iimild tatile discussion on what our Vu1iues mean. While other youth groups may have ceremonies, none is more beautiful or as impressive as those you will find in DeMolay. Semolay consideration should be given to the suggestions written inthe spaces provided. ReVieW arufrefresh youi’self inthe proficiency of your OBligations. Locate Senior DeMolaysthrough every possible resource.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

This means there should be 12 to 18 months of planning going on at all times. This system assists in maintaining an respurce record of finances and membership.

Short programs also can be presented to civicgroups. Prepare a history ofyour Chapter from Us beguining,emphasizing the activities of Senior DeMolays- especially those who will be present for the occasion.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide – PDF

Make a concerted effort to see that the parents of IDeMolays and prospective members are present. You’1lbe surprised how much the members mirror the attitudes and actions of the Master Councilor. There are six basic steps that need to be followed: He can also appoint any other committees which he thinks are needed. Offer aid in keader or charitable services being conducted by Masons, like a contribution to the Masonic Home.

Monthly Advisory Council meetings.

The original group of nine young men has grown to more than 1, Chapters and 1, young men have enjoyed the DeMolay experience. Chapter Anniversary Ideas It’s important to observe Chapter anniversaries in. Try to place a picture of the leaer officersin the local newspaper.

They state that when any reports become three months delinquent, the Chapter will be temporarily suspended. Since DeMolayhas many honors and awards, proper record keeping is important so that the Chapter has an accurate account of those which have been granted Many Chapters have an Awards Advisor who keeps the proper records.


DeMolay Month and particularly DeMolay Week is a time when Chapters all across the country and around the world celebrate our brotherhood and the feeling that comes from belonging to guire a unique and special fraternity. Peader an appropriate date – perhaps a date that coincides with the Chapter’s anniversacy or – or a date convenient to the Chapter in October. The Advisory Council should invite the superintendent and principal.

When a vacancy occurs in the officeof Master Councilor or Senior Councilor, the next lower elective officerin order of rank, who is willing to accept the vacant office,automatically succeeds to it. Chapters always are coming up with good anniversary ideas, such as weekend trips, a fishing derby, checkers or chess tournaments, or video presentations.

Develop civic awareness and responsibility, and Develop social skills and gain acceptance in an atmosphere of fun and companionship. The purpose is to help make you a better son today and a better leader, father and citizen tomorrow.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

There are many benefits to requiring the Scribe to keep accurate financial records and make timely reports: To have a successful DeMolay MonthlWeek, you should begin planning at least three to four months in advance, and have plans completed by your first meeting in February. This budget becomes effective when approved by the Advisory Council. Many Chapters have a perpetual aluminum can drive going on where specialmcontainers are placed at strategic points by aparlment buildings or on street comers where cans may be deposited regularly.