Body By Science, by Dr. Doug McGuff, is one of the best books on strength, health, and fitness you’re likely to find. He comes on to talk about this book. In Body By Science, bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for. This program is based on the book “Body By Science” from Doug McGuff and John Little. The program is like a mutual fund of exercises, this.

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From this position perform a slow transition, or reverse of direction, with your legs now bending until they have returned to the starting position. The gist scienec what does seem well supported is that our health and fitness are best served by infrequent bouts of high intensity exercise — basically, about 12 minutes of hardcore strength training heavy weights that lead to muscle failure in seconds once a week.

This type of training definitely has merit. Goodreads helps you keep track of books boy want to read.

gody If you start with a weight of pounds, it stays at pounds, requiring the same amount of force to move it at the end of the set as it does at the beginning, even as your fiber recruitment and rate of fatigue increase. If you go by this book, please keep deta Excellent food for thought if you are already well-immersed in the field.

Let them ride neutrally in the natural plane along which they tend to want to move — tracking in line with your hands, wrists and shoulder. I still sleep well at night, have a resting heart rate of 58 bpm, and have near-optimal blood pressure. I found I was gaining strength in only a week, which is quite unusual for me. July 23, at 8: Also, if you like this book or the ideas within, you might also like Tim Ferriss’ The Four-Hour Body, and Martin Berkhan’s essays on bldy Pyramid Training” which have also been influential on helping me figure out my workouts.

The Expert in High Intensity Training and Fitness Medicine

The next time you sustain an injury of this type, observe how long it takes your body to produce this new tissue. After reading this book it is clear to me that the conventional protocols and practices in the mainstream fitness industry that grew in influence in the late sixties and beyond have not really helped me personally and I gather for millions of other people to achieve my most important aims, one of which is to remain physically strong through slow but high intensity training well into my later years.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Since stretching does not “contract” muscles, and since contraction is what draws blood into a muscle and generates metabolic activity to provide a “warm-up,” there is no warming up imparted by stretching. I found the science in this to be credible not having the background of the authors, I can’t debate itbut I was not so taken with the implementation.

Body By Science High Intensity Training Review: My 9 Month Experiment

Overhead Press It is important to move your arms overhead with your hand in front of you, rather than out to the sides, ideally with a parallel grip palms facing each other. The purpose of any exercise routine is not to look like Stallone.

A physiological state in which there is an absence of disease scienve pathology and that maintains the necessary biologic balance between the catabolic tearing down and anabolic building up states. The more slowly a muscle fiber fatigues, bod more quickly it recovers. Although biology is not one of my strong points, I was able to understand the authors’ description of metabolism and cell energy pathways. I would question whether I could continue doing HIT for a long period — the pain levels are extreme, and some sessions I went into the gym in a state of anxiety though this was true with some rowing sessions, powerlifting sessions and bodybuilding sessionsand it may bu rather monotonous over time.

Does Weight Training Count As Cardio?

It worked for me. Secondly is supplements, the sciencee basically says you won’t get anywhere with supplements which is true for the most part. The temptation to train when they should be recovering drives far too many athletes. So why is this important?

The real sciencee benefit that sicence come from exercise is strengthening, so that, per unit of work that you do, the cardiac and vascular system will have to support a recruitment of a smaller number of motor units to accomplish a specific task.


In fact, during this 9 month experiment I starting doing a lot of fastingincluding a few 24 — 72 hour fasts. Love the podcast by the way! You’ll get really good at lifting weights slowly, which is not very useful from an athletic perspective. Over-training can happen all too easily if we convince ourselves that going to the gym every day is essential. However the two topics of interest are mdguff sprinting for 30 seconds, walk for 4 minutes for a total of jcguff sprint minutes a week is an effective workout to increase endurance.

The guy doing the deadlift shows terrible form–there is no excuse for this. Nov 02, Nick Short rated it it was amazing Shelves: McGuff and Little explain the genetics of muscle development and review the specific mutations discovered over the last decade, including myosin light chain kinase and myostatin genes, among others.

The goal is to keep tension on the muscle for 90sec-3minutes. Mar 14, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: I stayed lean the whole time I was on this program. First thing that I want to highlight because it brought together everything I was doing wrong was svience loss. Books by John Mcgyff. July 25, at 9: But all of this training has been at a moderate to high volume — 2 or 3 sessions a week, up to 6 or 7 sessions a week.

The events that made up this competition included Deadlifts for reps, 40 yard dash sprints, leg and chest strength tests, rowing intervals, agility exercises, vertical leap, chin ups and a medicine ball throw.

But, a second reading changed my mind. No rest between exercises. Usable as one’s only and sole source of training advice, I think.

My body fat percentage hasn’t really changed. July 21, at 5: Not only do they take the muscle to failure, they create a large amount of stress on the central nervous system — again assuming you have done it properly.