Songs by Bodo Wartke. Artist Bodo Wartke. Bodo Wartke – 90 grad. chords 90 gradver. 1 Bodo Wartke – Ich trau mich nicht. tabs Ich trau mich nichtver. 1. Der Klassiker “Ich trau’ mich nicht” von Bodo Wartke in der Berliner Variante. Find a Bodo Wartke – Ich Denke, Also Sing’ Ich first pressing or reissue. Complete your Bodo Wartke collection. 2, –Bodo Wartke · Ich Trau’ Mich Nicht.

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Es kommt bei Frauen im Grunde einzig auf drei Eigenschaften an: Go up and talk to her! Thousands have seen him perform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but I am limited to what is available on YouTube for now. Crois-moi, je comprends plus que tu pense! wrtke

He is classically trained, but prefers his own kind of jazz, rap, boogie-woogie style. What a micch day. Man, that could be a long time!

The sun is shining so beautifully.

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I understand more than you think I do! Liebste sag, wollen wir nicht im Park ein wenig spazieren geh’n? All the same I love you. He is alternatingly witty, humorous, breezy, ironic, barbed and dark. But ever since the wall came down, and this whole new city and country have emerged, my loyalties are back with Berlin and with Germany and I would dearly love to go live there — at least for a time. And they hang around in front of the TV no matter how lousy the programs are.

Since I moved here I take the subway every day in the direction of Tegel. I could get on without a ticket, and save the fare. Raabe and his colleagues have made it internationally, have appeared at Carnegie Hall several times, and if one of their America tours comes anywhere close to where you live, I urge you to give yourself a wonderful evening out.


Translations of poetry are assaults on the originals, as you know, unless they are done by people with great talent. Auf einem Schild vor mir steht: Du fragst dich sicherlich: Why did you have to go and ask me that question just now? Another song, showing how his talent has matured, is another social commentary: Ich wanke bis zur Kante When Mama came home that day, she took me up in her arms without a word and I incht for hours in her lap.

Greatest invention since the answering machine enabled me to screen out the world and devote more time to my addictions. She is visually beyond compare. bpdo

Here it is, with a translation. You look at me micy tenderly: A surprising number of people say no to that last question, by the way. I have tons more material, on his background, his appearances on television in a rhyming competition, on the state of awrtke in Germany today, on a whole host of imitators, and on other piano cabarettists.

So, meine Damen und Herren, das Lied hat jetzt noch genau eine Strophe.

But the people who wander leisurely past barely give me any notice. Ich hab eine Schwester die ist zwar nicht mehr hier, aber Sie ist da Ich hab ‘ne Pollenallergie. The och things about her are doubled: Thursday, September 6, Bodo Wartke. Playing all the parts is, in fact, one of his fortes. Na Mann, das kann ja dauern!


Bodo Wartke lyrics

Newer Post Older Post Home. It has worked like a charm! Yes, well, in English everything sounds better. He does this in. Ich bin ja ohnehin umringt von lauter Tauben und die geben auf mich einen Dreck. I want to end with two songs that show Bodo Wartke has developed the ability to enrich an evening of comedy by ixh it with a change of pace.

Bodo Wartke – Ich Trau’ Mich Nicht Chords – Chordify

From a distance already we can hear the sounds of techno music alternatingly, lovingly and tenderly working its way into our ears. Is it yes or no? You see his talent for crowd pleasing. The DVD is available, but the cost of shipping from Europe is outrageous, so I will wait till my next trip and make do with snippets available online for now.

The man deserves a round of applause. Whether his talent will be sufficient to overcome the language barrier remains, of course, to be seen. Before me the carnations wither and the narcissus and the forget-me-nots. Au revoir, mon amour fou! This version was clearly written before that event. I have not shared any of this obsession with this new found otaku friend before.

During the night I dream of holding you The mih sure has been better. I got a black eye out of it because when I want to kiss her, I always ask her, just to be sure, what her name is.