10 “Learn The Real Science Behind Keeping A Battery In Good Shape For A Theoretically Unlimited Number Of Charge Cycles – The Battery. Peter Lindemann’s new lecture is finally available. The Battery Secrets lecture was filmed at the last Bedini conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and Therefore, by posessing this information in BATTERY SECRETS, you will actually .

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My Speculations Hi Mario, et al, Thank you all for a considered discussion on these topics.

Find all posts by Savvypro. With the digital products, I usually put the systems together and make the announcements. On top of that in the first EFV video John has stated that it turned out that direct charging direct coil output was secrrts way to go. Originally Posted by StweenyA.

I will be at the next one if I’m one of the lucky ones to get in on the first come, first served list. What I mean is knowledge along the lines of plans and documentation of say working devices.

Battery Secrets – A & P Electronic Media

You could be remembered for so much more than this cheapened method of making money. Find all posts by mbrownn. The SG circuit is essentially a buck-boost converter and this is why the direct coil output is so much more efficient in terms of conventional electronics as opposed to cap discharges, plus we get the spikes which are supposed to gather additional radiant energy, OR maybe the spikes are not even radiant and only move the ions in the battery and the surplus shows up in the battery if continuously cycled.


Not like JP Morgan. People cannot get Peter’s experience or perception working with John during the development of these chargers and how a lot of that information fits in the context of real life applications.

To get notified about the upcoming Bedini-Lindemann Energy Conference go here: Will you do me a favor? Now you swap and run the circuit until you have taken units from the now run battery 2 which goes back to Many people have been working on the Bedini circuits for many years and still have never heard much of what is in this lecture.

You can see our out in the open discussion in the: Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann. Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription.

Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann

I’m glad I did, because now I can sit and watch it whenever I like. And your great teacher Bedini has done this through open-sourcing. The reply that follows shouldn’t be construed as me siding with Aaron. Enjoyed the first conference immensely, but finances forced me to stay home for the second.


I smell a rat All times are GMT. Originally Posted by Aaron It is in sync. Battery Secrets PDf available. By seeing the big picture Like Tesla did. You have become a money monster in stead of a free energy researcher. In response to the impedance resistance in the cells, the inductive collapse petre produce an ever rising voltage to overcome it.

Bartery as long as we continue down these paths, Tesla’s true dream of a free energy for a world that is efficient and thriving will never be achievable.

You could always contact John or Peter directly. One of the secrets of getting excess energy from a battery by having it finish an entire hour earlier than normal but still have the same charge!

Battery Secrets

It was secgets at the last Bedini conference and many people that attended who have a lot of experience with the Bedini circuits said they still learned a lot from this lecture.

So far so good. That computer should be rebooted, video opened, and then the time position can be dragged to where it was out of sync and it will be in synch again.