Anatoly T. Fomenko History: Fiction or Science? Apocalypse was written after a.d. Dr Prof Anatoly Fomenko and team dissect Almagest of “ancient”. Fomenko states, is that human history only stretches back to around CE. Most of what we call ancient history (before ) is a modern invention. We have. The New Chronology is a pseudohistorical theory which argues that the conventional . In volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of History: Fiction or Science?, Fomenko and his . In at the Moscow International Book Fair, Anatoly Fomenko with his.

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Welcome to Reddit, the scence page of the internet. Der Mythos von der Geburt des Helden in German. The two parameters he sought to determine were highly correlated; and he also adopted a somewhat arbitrary weighting scheme in analysing suspected observations of total solar eclipses.

New Chronology (Fomenko)

Dendrochronology is rejected with a claim that, for dating of objects much older than the oldest still living trees, it isn’t an absolute, but a relative dating method, and thus dependent on traditional chronology. For the rest of the book is absolutely worthless.

Book from the collections of unknown library. Then, he creates “survey codes” for each pair of the rulers, which contain a number which describes degree of the match of each considered property of two rulers. Chapters II, III and IV contain abundant astronomical proof from the ancient Egyptian zodiacs, Ptolemy’s Almagest, and the Apocalypse, demonstrating that all datings of ‘ancient’ eclipses are either medieval or ecience.


If you don’t care about the statistical analysis methodology, the results start Especially the history of their birth and of their early years is furnished with phantastic traits; the amazing similarity, nay literal identity, of those tales, even if they refer to different, completely independent peoples, sometimes geographically far removed from one another, is well known and has struck many an investigator.

Unfortunately, the existing today scientific methods of dating of the items of the past are far from perfection.

The Issue with Chinese Astronomy. Archived from the original PDF on The Carl Beck Papers.

Either there not enough symbols allowing for astronomical interpretation or the symbols change from one fictiin tablet to another. In museums all over the world the unique showpieces — eyewitnesses bistory the past epochs are kept. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

The various peoples identified in ancient and medieval history, from the ScythiansHunsGoths and Bulgarsthrough the PolyaneDulebyDrevlianePechenegsto in more recent times, the CossacksUkrainiansand Belarusiansare nothing but elements of the single Russian Horde.

[Anatoly Fomenko] History: Fiction or Science? Part 3 – Methods (English Subtitles) : CulturalLayer

Views Read Edit View history. Not since the release of the first volume in seven of History Fiction or Science? Critics of Fomenko’s theory claim that his use of historical sources is highly selective and ignores the basic principles of sound historical scholarship. CulturalLayer subscribe unsubscribe 6, readers 16 users here now A place to post images or discussion around the topic of “buried first floors” “cultural layer” “mud flood” “expanding earth” “worlds in collision” aantoly time” “Chronological shifts” “history hoaxes” Essential Resources Stolenhistory.


The clay tablets contain data about eclipses visible in Babylon that could have taken place every 30—40 years, therefore don’t allow there exact pinpointing on the time axis. Submit a new text post. Of the Chronology of the First Ages of the Greeks. Bear with the subtitles; this is arguably the Holy Grail of New Chronology. But if we look more closely into our past, we will find there many strange things and mismatches.

Audiobook Mud flood series with Philipp Druzhinin Nik Research Buildings, brought by soil Antediluvian city, or why the first floors in the earth? These “phantom copies” are often misdated by centuries or even snatoly and end up incorporated into conventional chronology.

Constantinople againRome in Italy, and Moscow.

History Fiction or Science? Chronology 1

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. What the history is based on From the ancient times and until our time the whole history of mankind is accurately dated. They also note that his method of statistically correlating of texts is very rough, because it does not take into account the many possible sources of variation in length outside of “importance”.

Retrieved 15 June This resulted in 3 major timeshifts: