From aboleths to zombies, the revised Monster Manual holds a diverse cast of enemies and allies essential for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. There are . How much difference is there between the 3E and the E Monster Manuals? I’m not running the game, so I don’t need the exact information. Version of the Monster Manual updates the statistics of the monsters you use (or encounter) in your D&D game. Take a look at the.

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Difference between 3E and E Monster Manual

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GMBinder Linkfor those who prefer. Back at it with converting another 3. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated. I’m still pretty new at this kind of stuff, and a lot of minor errors slip through the cracks when dealing with this kind of scale.

Even if you just think “That’s not how I would have updated that monster! Tbh I only use the homebrewery because it seems to be more popular and you can easily convert it into GMBinder but not vice-versa. I want to get it done before I try to make it look pretty, though.

Putting a fancy cover and template on an unfinished guide is misleading, to me. I’m mostly making this because I’m converting a lot of my campaign that is based in 3. Loved the Innate Spellcasting for demons.

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Monster Manual (3.5e)

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Want to add to the discussion? A complete catalogue of the monsters in this guide thus far are as follows: Aboleth Mageshow do their spellbooks not get soggy really??

Achaieraievil demon bird things. Allipsspectral undead driven to suicide by madness. Angels with cleric spellcasting. Araneaarachnoid shapeshifters similar to lycanthropes. Lantern Archonsfuzzy balls of mznual light. Hound Archonszoomorphic dog-angels. Lantern Archonscelestials with a trumpet that can turn into a greatsword.

Arrowhawksweird birds from the Plane of Air.

Athachesgiants with a third arm coming out of their chest. Greater Barghest monstef, like a barghest, but greater. We’ve got the best barghests.

Abyssal Greater Basiliska more powerful species of basilisk that dwells in the Abyss. Belkersevil smoke-elementals that rip people apart from the inside. Celestial Creaturesa template to apply to creatures from the upper planes. Chaos Beastsan amorphous mass that can turn you into an amorphous mass too!

Delverreally big weird underground thing. Demons with mlnster spellcasting. Bebilithsbig demon-spiders. Retrieversdemon-robot-spiders with eye lasers. Destrachansunderdark dinosaurs with sonic blasts. Devils with innate spellcasting. Erinyes Devilbut lower CR. Horned Devilbut higher CR. Barbed Devilbut higher CR. Hellcatsinvisible demon-tigers. Digestersweird monsters that shoot acid at mahual. Displacer Beast Pack Lordsgiant mutant displacer beasts. Baby Dragonstiny dragons monater the weakest of dragon types.

Dragons with sorcerer spellcasting. Great Wyrmsthe last and greatest stage of dragon life. One statblock for each MM color. Also, glad to see you migrating this over! I also forgot to update the save DC for that one.